New To Motion-Activated Cameras? Three Things To Remember

Posted on: 7 September 2021
The first time you install a security camera at your home or business, the knowledge that you'll be able to get records of anything happening around your property can be very reassuring. Many security cameras are now motion-activated yet for people not used to how those work, or who are used to older motion activation that was clunky and delayed, the idea of having to rely on that type of system could be nerve-wracking.
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Avoid Failures and Downtime With Data Center Maintenance

Posted on: 16 May 2017
With all the information and services that many businesses have in data centers, avoiding problems with equipment failure and downtime is essential to keep businesses running. Part of the solution to the problem is good data center maintenance, as well as data backup and solutions like collocation hosting services. Here are some of the maintenance improvements that will prevent data failure and keep your business running smoothly: 1. Maintaining Cooling and Ventilation Systems in Data Centers
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Using An Internet Service Provider With A Data Cap? 3 Tips To Follow To Stay Under The Limit

Posted on: 27 April 2017
When you move into an apartment or house, you will have usually options for Internet service. While utilities will typically come from a single company for every resident in the area, there may be a decent amount of competition for Internet, allowing you to pick from a variety of service plans. If you live in an area where you are given a data cap regardless of the plan that you choose, you may need to find a way to work around this limitation in an effort to avoid additional costs or reduced speeds after the cap.
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Need More Efficient Customer Service? 3 Benefits To Adding Account Management Software For Your Business

Posted on: 19 April 2017
If you run a business, you know how important good customer service is. Unfortunately, when it comes to phone calls, customer service can sometimes fall short, especially with a busy company. One long customer phone call can tie up the lines and leave you facing a backlog of irate callers. That's where automated account management software comes in. When you have automated account management software installed in your office, your business will run more efficiently, and your customers will be happier.
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