Two Important Factors To Know Before Choosing An iPhone Charging Station

Posted on: 3 January 2017

Christmas is over; the wrapping paper has been discarded, and many Americans are happily playing with their new iPhones and tablets. As the head of a family who has more than one electronic device in the home, keeping all the gadgets charged can become a bit of a mission. If you want to avoid the dramatics of an upset child who can't play their favorite game because their tablet is flat, it is prudent to look into ways to neatly and conveniently charge these devices. Multi-port charging stations are the best way to do this, but there are a couple of important design specifications you should know about before you head to your local electronics store.

Certified Chargers

When you go shopping for an iPhone or iPad charging station, you are going to find one pretty easily. However, not all chargers are created equal. It is very important you buy one that has an Underwriters Laboratory certification attached to it.

A UL certification means the device has been tested and is certified as being safe to use. The last thing you want to bring into your home is a device that is poorly made and is a fire risk waiting to happen. House fires have previously occurred because of unsafe chargers overheating and sparking. To keep your home safe, ask the salesman what type of certification your prospective charging station comes with.

Number Of Ports

The next thing to consider is how many ports you need in the charging station. This answer is going to depend on how many devices you currently have, and whether you want to charge them all off the same charging station.

Two charging stations mean you can charge in two different locations in your home. For example, you may decide to charge the kids' electronics in your bedroom so you know they aren't getting on their devices when they should be sleeping. Also, make sure you consider future device purchases when you are calculating the number of required charging ports. There is minimal price difference when buying charging stations with more ports than you need. When you buy a charging station with extra ports, you are future-proofing your charging needs.

A charging station is a perfect way to make sure all your electronics are charged up and ready to go when needed. Now you are educated about two important components of a charging station; it is time to head out and make the most of the January sales.